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Sarah Cameron


Sarah is a qualified physiotherapist passionate about pain empowerment, education and management! So passionate in fact that she completed her Masters in Physiotherapy at UCT focusing specifically on pain management. From acute to the more complex, chronic and persistent pain, the more informed you are the more empowered you are, which is why she started the your-pain-matters platform.
In the physiotherapy practice, Sarah will assess and help you manage your: acute sporting injuries; post operative orthopedic rehab; including joint replacements and other soft tissue related surgeries… think ligament and tendon repairs etc., general day-to-day injuries- think headache, neck and back pain as well as other joint niggles. Sarah is also skilled in chronic or persistent pain states – think fibromyalgia, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), failed back syndrome, chronic back pain, chronic headaches, osteoarthritis (OA), and rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

“Let’s get learning, moving and doing together!” Sarah.

Physio in Ballito Sarah
Candice Langford public speaking

Candice Langford

Practice Owner  |  Pelvic & sexual health

Candice is a pelvic and sexual health physiotherapist and founder of the Health Matters Physio branch of the Health Matters Medical Practice based in Ballito, South Africa. Candice is passionate about public education about the ‘taboo’ topics associated with pelvic and sexual health, she therefore spends her time educating through a variety of platforms both online and in-person in an effort to increase access to care.
Candice is a holistic and hands on physio trained to assess, manage, treat and facilitate rehabilitation for concerns relating to the pelvic region. Symptoms might include; pelvic pain, vaginismus, postpartum return to exercise, incontinence, constipation, lower back/hip/coccyx pain.

Candice will be pursuing a job offer in the Cayman Islands, where she intends on expanding her knowledge & Skill base within her field of interest. You can connect with her by clicking here

Yours in “pee, poo, pleasure, pain and periods” ~ Candice 



Pain Management Physiotherapy

Pain is the number 1 reason why people seek the help of physiotherapists. Here at Health Matters Physio we do not believe in “cookie cutter” care, you are uniquely you and so is your pain. Assessment and management therefore also needs to be unique and individually tailored.

Assessment, treatment  and management for:

Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

Please note that this service is not currently available at the practice as Candice is travelling.
Assessment, treatment  and management for:

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